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Intelligent pressure transmitter

Intelligent pressure transmitter

Intelligent pressure transmitter

Model : WS3052
Format : Helical / Flange Type / Sanitary type / Input type
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一、Product introduction
     WS3052P Intelligent pressure transmitter adopt advanced integrated circuit and surface mount technology.Based on the analog transmitter, communication, query, test, configuration and other functions are added. It can improve the calibration precision, improve the environmental temperature compensation effect, and improve the quality of the transmitter.
    1. The advanced digital technology and frequency phase shift keying (FSK) technology is applied in the intelligent transmitter, which improves the performance and reliability of the whole machine, and it is convenient for the connection between the field and the control room.
  2. In addition to the intelligent transmitter with remote communication capabilities, it also has a range of the machine, adjust the zero button, to facilitate on-site installation after the local adjustment.
  3. Intelligent transmitter electronic components using advanced integrated circuit and surface mount technology, with communication, query, test, configuration and other functions.   

二、Operational principle

Smart transmitter working principle block diagram (Figure 1-1)

1.1 “δ”transmitter(Sensitive element)

Figure 1-2  “δ”

       The core of the intelligent transmitter is a capacitive pressure sensor, which is called "δ"(Figure 1-2).The sensor isa completely sealed component, the process pressure through the isolation diaphragm and filling liquid silicone oil to the sense of the diaphragm caused by displacement.The capacitance difference between the sensing diaphragm and the two capacitance plate is converted from the electronic components to the electrical signals of the second wire system of the 4 ~ DC 20mA.

1.2  Circuit board module

      The circuit board module of the intelligent transmitter is a circuit board which adopts a special integrated circuit (ASICS) and a surface packaging technology.The circuit board receives signals from the sensors and is modified and linearized.The output part of the circuit board module converts the digital signal into an analog output signal, and can communicate with the HART controller and the host computer software. 


1.2.1  A/D conversion  

      The A/D conversion circuit adopts 16 bit low power integrated circuit, and converts the analog current output of the demodulator to the digital quantity, and provides the microprocessor as the input signal.   

1.2.2  Microprocessor  

   Microprocessor control A/D and D/A conversion work, also can complete the self diagnosis and digital communication.At work, a digital pressure value is processed by the microprocessor and used as a digital storage to ensure the precision of the correction and conversion of the engineering unit.In addition, the microprocessor can also complete the sensor's linearity, range ratio, damping time and other functions.    

1.2.3  EEPROM Storage   

      EEPROM stores all the configuration, characteristics and digital fine-tuning of the parameters, the memory is non-volatile, so even without power, the stored data can still be maintained at any time to achieve intelligent communication. 

1.2.4  D/A Transformation  

      D/A converts the digital signal sent by microprocessor to 4 ~ 20mA analog signal and output to the circuit. 


1.2.5  Digital communication  

     Testing the intelligent transmitte through a communication device or any HART communication protocol to support the host computer to complete the communication protocol.The HART protocol using the industry standard BELL202 frequency phase shift keying (FSK) technology, the digital signal 1200Hz or 2200Hz in 4 ~ 20mA signal communication, signal frequency of 4 ~ 20mA process does not produce any interference.

三、Technical characteristics

1. High precision

2. Good stability

3.Small, light weight, strong vibration resistance

4.Compatibility is good, compatible with other companies in line with the HART agreement

5.Support the user to use the handheld 272/275 or PC debug software

6.In the instrument operation process in real-time to the instrument configuration or remote inquiry

7.The pressure signal can be processed by intelligent linearization, which can guarantee the higher measurement accuracy.

四、Product features 
1. Wide measuring range: -0.1MPa-0、0-(10KPa-60MPa)
2. Zero and span continuous adjustable
3. Reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection
4. Good impact resistance performance
5. High precision、High stability、High reliability
6. Special connection structure, easy maintenance 
7. Applicable to occasions with higher requirements, comply with the requirement of measurement standard
8. Unique design makes the water hammer shock performance is good, long service life
9. Exquisite structure
10. Good freezing resistance
11.Using the two wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts, simple maintenance
12.Four digit LCD display. Hd backlight,easy to observe data at the scene
13.Intrinsically safe type and explosion proof type can be used for dangerous scene

五、Technique target

Load characteristic diagram(Figure 1-3)


Intrinsic error


Measurement range

-0.1MPa~0 0~(10KPa~60MPa) 

(User selection)



Temperature drift
Long term stability


Response time 
Power supply
4~20mA(or O~10mA 、1~5V、 O~5V 、0~1OV)
Load resistance
Temperature range 

Electronic circuits:-40℃~+85℃

Sensitive components (Silicon oil): -40℃~ +104℃

(Inert oil): -18℃ ~ +71℃

Environment temperature
Storage temperature
Electrical interface
M20×1.5 or 1/2NPT
Protection grade 
Liquid materials 
316L、Hastelloy C276、titanium
Sensor isolation diaphragm material 
Start-up time
 Maximum damping time<2s
Electrical damping 
3.5 kg(Does not include attachments, with the exception of the transmitter with a flange) 
Explosion-proof type

六、Application fields

u Sugar manufacturing and  :
       Squeeze juice, syrup, grape juice, etc. alcohol GL degree, ethane alcohol interface, etc.
Dairy industry: 
       Condensed milk, lactose, cheese, dry cheese, lactic acid, etc.
Architecture, mining: 
       Size mixing, coal ( coal), potash, , phosphate, compound, limestone, copper, etc. 
Petroleum refining:
       Lubricating oil, aromatic agent, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc.
       Tomato juice, fruit juice, vegetable oil, starch milk, jam, etc.
Pulp and paper industry: 
       Black paste, green pulp, pulp washing, evaporator, white pulp, caustic, etc.
Chemical industry:
       Urea, cleaning agent, polymer, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.
Petrochemical industry:
       Liquefied natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil / water interface, etc.
Beverage processing:
       Beer, soft drinks, wine, instant coffee, malt, etc.
       Concentrate, fermentation, evaporation, mixing ratio, etc.
Environmental protection:

  , denitration , etc.


Reference table for corrosion resistance of transmitter diaphragm

☆  Good         ○  Moderate        ×  Bad

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