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Intelligent pressure transmitter

Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter

Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter

Model : WS2088-
Format : Helical / Flange Type / Sanitary type / Input type
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一、Product introduction

     WS2088 diffusion silicon pressure transmitter is one of the high-performance series pressure transmitter. It adopts the internationally advanced level pressure sensor, WS2088 series diffusion silicon pressure transmitter with high precision electronic components and micro amplifier circuit processing, strictly assembled. Zero, range migration, excellent performance, strong shock resistance, good stability, high accuracy measurement.WS2088 series diffusion silicon pressure transmitter with a variety of models, range, process connection form and material.It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food industries.WS2088 series diffusion silicon pressure transmitter is the ideal of traditional pressure gauge and pressure transmitter updating products, is the ideal pressure measuring instrument.

二、Operational principle

      WS2088 diffusion silicon pressure transmitter: when pressure signal work on the sensor, pressure sensor converts the pressure signal into electrical signal, through differential amplification and output amplifier amplification. Finally converted to 4-20 mA current output signal which have a linear relationship between the measured medium (liquid) and the level of pressure.

三、Technical characteristics

1. Used widely, measurable media such as oil, water and liquid material , have certain ability of corrosion.

2. High precision、High stability、High quality sensor、Good linear、High temperature stability.

3. Small volume,light weight,easy to use and installation.

4. Liquid sensor part fully enclosed, good waterproof.

5. Pressure sensor directly measured liquid level pressure,it is not affected by medium blister and deposition.

四、Product features 

1. Wide measuring range: -0.1MPa-0、0-(10KPa-60MPa)

2. Zero and span continuous adjustable

3. Reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection

4. Good impact resistance performance

5. High precision、High stability、High reliability

6. Special connection structure, easy maintenance 

7. Applicable to occasions with higher requirements, comply with the requirement of measurement standard

8. Unique design makes the water hammer shock performance is good, long service life

9. Exquisite structure

10. Good freezing resistance

11. Using the two wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts, simple maintenance

12. Four digit LCD display. Hd backlight,easy to observe data at the scene

13. Intrinsically safe type and explosion proof type can be used for dangerous scene

五、Technique target

Intrinsic error


Measurement range

-0.1MPa~0 0~(10KPa~60MPa) 

(User selection)



Temperature drift
Long term stability


Response time
Power supply
4~20mA(or O~10mA 、1~5V、 O~5V 、0~1OV)
Load resistance
Pressure overload limit
The maximum rated pressure of 1.5 times
Environment temperature
The temperature of measured medium
-20~+85℃(≥85℃can choose radiator pipe)
Storage temperature
Sensor interface (Pressure interface)
M20×1.5 or 1/2NPT
Electrical interface
M20×1.5 or 1/2NPT
Protection grade
Liquid materials
304、316L、Hastelloy C276、titanium、Four fluorine polyethylene(Teflon)
Process connection
Helical、Flange Type、 Sanitary type 、Input type( size can be decreased according to the site or the requirement of user )
Sensor isolation diaphragm material
316L、Hastelloy C276、titanium
Explosion-proof type
EXd II CT4/5/6
Cast aluminum
750 g
Power consumption
< 0.5 W

六、Application fields

u Sugar manufacturing and  :

 Squeeze juice, syrup, grape juice, etc. alcohol GL degree, ethane alcohol interface, etc.

Dairy industry: 

 Condensed milk, lactose, cheese, dry cheese, lactic acid, etc.

Architecture, mining: 

Size mixing, coal ( coal), potash, , phosphate, compound, limestone, copper, etc. 

Petroleum refining:

 Lubricating oil, aromatic agent, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc.


Tomato juice, fruit juice, vegetable oil, starch milk, jam, etc.

Pulp and paper industry: 

 Black paste, green pulp, pulp washing, evaporator, white pulp, caustic, etc.

Chemical industry:

       Urea, cleaning agent, polymer, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.

Petrochemical industry:

       Liquefied natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil / water interface, etc.

Beverage processing:

       Beer, soft drinks, wine, instant coffee, malt, etc.


 Concentrate, fermentation, evaporation, mixing ratio, etc.

Environmental protection:

       , denitration , etc.

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